What is a seat occupancy sensor

  1. The concept of car seat sensor
    The car seat sensor is a flexible, contact sensor. Because the contact is composed of silver paste, ink and other components, it is evenly dispersed on the surface of the force. When external pressure is generated, it will trigger a signal to achieve detection. There are a variety of seat-related purposes such as whether there are people in the seat, whether the sitting posture is safe, whether the seat belt is standardized, and so on.
  2. The composition and working principle of the car seat sensor
    The car seat sensor is usually composed of thin film circuit, silver paste and ink. Then, according to the shape and pattern of different seats, different wiring patterns are designed. No matter how much the pattern changes, the seat sensor is through paired wires. Combined into a wiring system. Among them, each pair of wires is connected to a capacitive element, and each capacitive element can be connected to the detection circuit.
  3. The scope of application of car seat sensors
    (1) Car seat
    As the name suggests, car seat sensors are mainly used in various car seats to detect whether the driver and passengers are in position. It can also be bound to the seat belt. It can be used for sitting detection or lying detection, so it can also Used in school buses to prevent children from leaving their seats, it can be said that as long as it is an electronic detection technology related to the car seat, it can be hooked to the car seat sensor.
    (2) Office occasions
    The seat sensor can also be used in public places such as offices, classrooms, etc. For example: the library seat is equipped with a seat sensor, so when 99 people are seated in 100 seats, it will send a signal and the system will show that there is one free seat left. There are many other uses like this.
    (3) Hotel, home occasion
    How to use it at home, think about it? For example, a seat sensor can be installed on the toilet, and then when a person sits on the toilet, the sensor is forced to send a signal, which can automatically play music or broadcast; or it can also be used on a massage chair, only you can’t think of it, there is no car Isn’t it great that the seat sensor can’t do it?
  4. How to customize?
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