Pressure Monitoring System for Padless Machine

System Overview

Pressure monitoring system for padless machine is used to real-time detect the pressure change of the padless machine. In that way, it can make sure that all the pressure on the test points can reach the rated requirements and avoid unfirm sealing caused by uneven local pressure or insufficient pressure . This system can record and preserve the testing data, which can be used in further analysis and statistical work.

System deployment diagram

How does it work?

1.Put the sensor at the position where the pressure is measured before measuring.

2.Start the pressure monitoring system when the padless machine starts to work. The sensors of all monitoring points will convert the pressure change into the voltage output change.

3.Data acquisition and analysis module continuously reads and analyzes the output voltage changes of the sensor. Thus, the pressure value at each monitoring point can be calculated.

4.The data acquisition and analysis module transmits the calculated pressure data to the terminal display device through bluetooth.

5.The terminal display device timely displays the pressure change value of the detection point on the screen and reserve the data for future use and analyze. The terminal device can simultaneously see the pressure data collected by all the pressure sensors at a certain time and the continuous pressure change of one of the pressure sensors in a period of time.

What are concluded in the system? 

1.Force sensing resistor

The pressure sensor is used to detect the pressure change of each detection point, and convert the pressure change into the voltage output change. Then, transmit it to the data acquisition chip.

2.Data acquisition and analysis module

To collect the voltage change data of the sensor and calculate it into the pressure value. Then, it will transmit the calculated pressure value information to the terminal device through the bluetooth and receive terminal equipment operation instructions.

3.Display and operate equipment

Data acquisition can be started, suspended and closed by the terminal device. It also can display the data transferred from the data acquisition module and stored it in memory.The terminal device has different display modes. For example, it can check the pressure changes received at all pressure detection points in real time to determine whether the pressure has reached the rated value. It can also display the continuous change of one of the pressure points to analyze if the pressure at this pressure point reaches the standard or not.


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