Ultra Sensitive Human Body Pressure Mapping Sensor Solutions


The function of this sensor is to measure the change of pressure on a single point membrane pressure sensor. When the pressure increases, the output voltage of the module will increase.On the contrary, when the pressure on the sensor becomes small, the output voltage of the module will become lower.

  • Model:FD-101
  • Type:Single point force sensor data acquisition board

Product Specification


use an a force switch
This resistance module is used to detect whether the FSR reaches the threshold value.
When the FSR is not under pressure or the pressure is less than the starting pressure, the DO port outputs the high level; when the pressure exceeds the threshold value, the module D0 outputs the low level
Module DO can be directly connected to the MCU, through the MCU to detect high and low level

To measure continuously changing force
The AO output of this module is connected to the AD module. After the AD conversion, more accurate sensor resistance can be obtained.

Features and Benefits

Sensitivity adjustable (by blue digital potentiometer)
Low voltage, 3.3v-5v
There are two types of output : A- Analog output; B-Digital output (0 & 1)
The principle is simple and easy to integrate
LM393 chip, stable operation

Pressure VS resistanceMould Interface Diagram

FSR IntegrationModule Interface


Operating voltageDC 5V
Operating current7 inch
Output Voltage1024X600
Operating temperature0~40℃

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