System deployment diagram

Library/Coffee shop/Restaurant Seat Occupancy Data Acquisition System

System Overview

The seat occupancy statistics system senses whether someone is sitting on the seat by the seat sensor assembled on the seat and transmits the information to the data collector, which then transmits it to the server. The regulator combined with the terminal application can view and count the seat occupancy information on the server, and can easily know the number of seats occupied and the number of empty seats, and then arrange and guide the guests to empty seats. For large venues, multi-tier seating management system is very useful.

How does it work?

When a guest is seated, the seat sensor is turned on and the signal is transmitted to the data acquisition module. When the guest leaves the seat, the seat sensor shuts off and transmits the information to the data acquisition module. After receiving the status information (on or off) transmitted by the seat sensor, the data acquisition module will quickly transmit the information to the server by wireless mode.(Communication 1#). Through program of computer end or mobile APP, we can read seat occupancy data from the server, realize the function of querying and statistics.(Communication 2#). The server can also be connected to the management system’s data center.(Communication3#),which through it is convenient to achieve seat booking and customer guidance, as well as complete customer service.


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