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Standard force sensor measure tool

 The acquisition module can collect the resistance value of FSR sensor just in time and display the resistance value on the screen.The user can record the current FSR resistance value in the screen table by pressing the “confirm” button. Up to 30 resistance values can be recorded. It is a very practical resistance collection and recording tool.When FSR is pressurized, the resistance value will change continuously. Even under the same pressure, the resistance at the beginning of the pressure is different from that at the end of a period of time.Therefore, it is very important for product developers to collect the instantaneous resistance under force and record it in time.FSR data collection is usually not very convenient. If you want to make records while observing, you will miss the best time of data collection, which makes the observed and recorded data lag behind.If more FSR samples are to be measured, the manual recording method will be very inefficient and consume a lot of manpower and time,this resistance collection unit can be used to solve this problem.

  • Model:SR-01
  • Type: Single point FSR resistance value acquisition unit

Product Specification


 It is suitable for continuous collection of FSR resistance at a single point.Pressure and resistance can be compared to get the corresponding relationship between pressure and resistance.The repeatability and individual variability of  FSR can also be measured to provide reference for further product research.

Features and Benefits

Indication PhotoModule Interface
PCBA Size112*90*19mm(L*W*H)
Operating voltageDC 5V
Screen size3.5 inch
Screen resolution480X320
Working temperature0~40℃

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